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Our company was founded in 1991, and with a trust that has been placed upon us, we are celebrating our 30th anniversary. By accepting Your suggestions, we have improved ways of area searching and reducing losses on the water supply network, video inspection of sewerage network, as well as the trenchless technology for water supply installation. Further, we offer a special vehicle for loss detection on water supply systems, equipped with up to date monitoring devices and additional equipment.

Our work is reflected in the daily results of our business partners, and we are willing to make this results even better, by implementing world-newest technologies and transfering our knowledge to others. Years of experience have made us recognizable in our field.

We are hoping that your success will be heard of, and we are willing to accept your suggestions to make our cooperation even better. Results of our business partners are our pride and we invite you to be a part of our team.

Dedicated to you and your success!

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